TOP READERS for the school year 2019-2020.






CV Kindergarten Combo - Harlow

Ryan L

CV Kindergarten - Davidson

Layton M

CV Kindergarten Combo - Harlow

Lena K

CV First Grade Combo - Harlow

Geeta P

CV First Grade - Price

Brandon Y

CV First Grade - Price

Houleong A

CV Second Grade - Friske

Aaron K

CV Second Grade - Friske

Landon L

CV Second Grade - Friske

Tanav S

CV Third Grade - Stasand

Bryce M

CV Third Grade - Krajanowski

Benjamin M

CV Third Grade - Carrera

Lydia C

CV Fourth Grade - Fernandez

Sohyun L

CV Fourth Grade - Dunn

Abigail K

CV Fourth Grade - Fernandez

Hemin B

CV Fifth Grade - Harvey

Brandon C

CV Fifth Grade - Harvey

Ayano C

CV Fifth Grade - Harvey

Ethan H

CV Sixth Grade - Kohl

Alexa M




Awards to be distributed at beginning of next school year.



Thank you to all the Canyon View staff, students and parents for your perseverance and dedication to the 100 Mile Club program during the 2019-2020 school year.

As a coach, I couldn't be more proud of the extraordinary effort by each and every one of you.  There were many challenges that we faced this year with field closures, weather delays and then finally the COVID-19 school closures.  I feel that as a collective, we were triumphant in our resolve to complete our goals and achieve our milestones in the classroom, on the field and in our communities.  A special thank you to all the 100MC parent representatives who were supporting this program in classroom. 
The CV 100MC program for this year closes on JUNE 1st.  I ask that you please submit any and all outstanding APRIL or MAY activity calendars to  Any swag materials that were earned will be distributed to students at the start of the next school year.  Also, a modified Recognition Ceremony for medal recipients will occur next school year.
Have a safe and wonderful summer break!  Looking forward to running with you all next year!
With much appreciation,
Coach Libby

P.S. For those interested staying active and healthy over the summer...100MC has a cool summer running program called CLUB 262...

Keep the whole family moving and healthy this summer with a virtual run that works for EVERYONE! From June 1st to July 31st, your goal is simple; run or walk 26.2 miles (an entire marathon!) while having fun and earning swag along the way. Whether you’re running at a local park or taking a walk around the block, EVERYONE can crush this virtual run! Want to go further? Run 262 miles, or anything in between! Club262 will work for YOU.  Please note that completed miles will not be collected for the regular 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 school 100 MC program at Canyon View.

Registration details:  








Thank you for all the amazing applications.  Congrats to Ellen Wang of Northwood H.S.!







California was already underfunded when it came to state budget for education.

Now more then ever, we need to speak up and advocate for more money as a result

of recent budget cuts announced last week by the State.

We need more money from the federal government, more money
at the ballot box, and more revenue in the state budget to address the 

increased costs of supporting quality education for all.

Contact your state representatives: Let them know
what the impact of the proposed budget will be on
your school. To find your representatives click here.

Advocate for More Federal Funding: Contact your
federal representatives and ask them to support an
additional $200 billion in federal funds for schools.
Unless Congress acts, schools will experience major
budget cuts triggered by the pandemic. Click here to
send a message to your federal representatives.

Help pass the Schools and Communities
First ballot initiative which is on the November
ballot: This could raise about $11.5 billion dollars
each year for our schools and local communities.
Click here to volunteer



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