Art Masters

Art Masters Legacy is a program that exposes the students to Art History and many different mediums. The program introduces 6 artists a year to the students, They learn about the genre, the artist’s style and see many pieces done by the artist, in a lecture presented by Poli Rizco.  Poli is a dynamic speaker who absolutely captivates her audience.


After they learn about the artist, Erin Arman travels to the classrooms to create a masterpiece inspired by the artist. This year, the Canyon View Students will learn about (TBD):

  • Degas
  • Sheeler
  • Wyeth
  • Seurat
  • Mondrian
  • Miro

Students will use oil pastels, plastic crayons, water soluble colored pencils, graphite sketching pencils, and many more mediums this year.


The in-class lessons are taught by Erin Arman. She has been teaching art for over 7 years and has been at Canyon View Elementary for 6 years. She leads the students in a 1 hour lesson to create a project inspired by the Artist. If you ask Erin About her job, she refers to it as her JOBBY! Art is her hobby as well as teaching.



To support this program, it takes a lot of prep work to set-up and distribute all the art materials used for this year-long program.  If you support art in schools, please consider volunteering to help cut and glue papers for nearly 700 students for multiple art classes.  Thank you!

Note:  This is volunteer work that is separate from classroom Art Masters reps/helpers.  But, if you are an Art Masters room helper, please consider also helping with the massive paper-cutting prep work that is needed.  For any questions, please feel free to contact the Art Masters Chair on how you can help!




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