Teachers and school staff play a special role in the lives of students and their parents. PATS is a meaningful way to show teachers, principals, office staff, nurses, health clerks, counselors, and custodians, that you and your child appreciate all they do! Families are invited to recognize the outstanding teachers and staff in Irvine schools by making a donation in their honor. Each teacher or staff member honored will enjoy receiving a recognition certificate, your personal message, and a special gift expressing your thanks during National Teacher Appreciation Week.

Nearly 4,000 certificates of appreciation were awarded in 2018. Donations made in honor of teachers and staff benefit the Innovative Grants Program which awards teachers grants to promote innovation in their classrooms.




Your tax-deductible donation helps to fund IPSF’s Innovative Grants Programs. Since 1996, IPSF has awarded more than $1.5 million to promote innovation in IUSD classrooms.

The 2020 PATS submission period is now opened now through April 20.  

Please contact Stephanie Bynon at if you have any questions regarding PATS.


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