What is Reading Rewards? (TK-6)

Reading Rewards is an interactive kids’ reading log and reading rewards program that allows kids to log their reading, browse and add new books to their library and wish list, write reviews, and share their reading with friends.


It is easy to earn reading incentives with Reading Rewards. Students can:

  • Move up levels and earn badges as they read.
  • Accumulate valuable RR Miles as they read, which they can redeem in various ways.
  • Trade in their RR Miles for a joke or riddle of the day.
  • Use their RR Miles to “purchase” rewards that their parents, teachers or librarians have set up for them.
  • Make all their “purchases” in their RR Store, which has the look and feel of a true e-commerce experience, and lets kids know which rewards are available to them, based on their available miles or number of books read.
  • In addition, we will have school-wide challenges where students can be recognized for their achievement each once per trimester

How can I sign up?

  • Details Coming Soon!

That’s it! Your child will be part of Canyon View Elementary reading group, and we will be able to follow his/her reading progress. The best part is that we are not the only ones keeping track of your child’s reading, but you can also take part in it by obtaining FREE parent account.



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